Teach us to War Part Deux,
Cowards are the most prolific critics

Since the rebellion in the garden, death and darkness entered the fabric of the human race. The Almighty is often blamed for the free will choices of fallen man, and philosophic phools – from Darwin to Sagan – have attempted to explain that which is evolutionarily unexplainable; why there is both evil and altruism resident within the human spirit.

As long as there is free will there will always be war, and war for a righteous cause is never to be disparaged – it is ordained by the Creator to keep fallen man in check by those who keep themselves in check according to the commandments of the Almighty. Murderers are to be executed by the righteous – it is a commandment that puts a heavy burden upon a righteous society – but the unrighteous are reticent to execute those who are less guilty than the politicians who murder and destroy to secure their positions of power.

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