Teach us to War

One last stop in Jerusalem before boarding the plane for America, my hurried plans were interrupted by a parade of tens of thousands celebrating “Yom Yerushalayim” – the day Jerusalem was liberated from the Jordanian infidels who held the holy city and its inhabitants hostage for decades. This was the third “day of memorial” since arriving home in Israel after Passover.

With each memorial day, there is not only joy and celebration – there is a minute that an air-raid siren pierces the din of the city and jolts every soul into reverential silence. In that minute, tears stream from the eyes of men and women of all ages. They pause to painfully remember sons, daughters, brothers, fathers, and long lost friends who died to prevent the annihilation of their fledgling nation. They are alive and free today because others sacrificed themselves for the greater cause.

The young stand in trained silence, but they have not yet known the horrors of war – or the sacrifice that they will be asked to make in a few short years. They will also learn the hard way that there are some things in life for which one must be willing to die – or make the enemy die instead of the innocent.

The land of Israel was won from the pagan Canaanites by bloodshed, profuse sweat, and many tears. It is apparent that the Almighty has ordained that we would all have giants to fight in every generation. War is a part of freedom while living in a fallen world. Cowards were not allowed to engage in combat. Neither will we cower in the face of danger. We too will expend our lives to protect the lives of others. Every generation will learn to war – to fight the battles of the day – so that we might preserve liberty to worship and serve the true God amidst the “Franken-gods” of contemporary culture.

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