Yehoshua Ben Nun’s
Famous Last Words Amen, Emet, Truth

Yehoshua’s last words echo the eternal will of the heavenly King of Israel who has made known his divine nature in the Torah – His instructions to the people he chose to be his priests and prophets to a fallen world. In the closing chapters of the Book of Joshua, Yehoshua Ben Nun gives his final warning to the nation of Israel, who will, in the first chapters of the Book of the Judges, stand in direct disobedience to those instructions – and soon reap the dire consequences.

The will of the Almighty will never be summed up in the pages of a Sunday School Quarterly or dusty denominational doctrines. His WORD – from Genesis to The Revelation reveals the will of the Everlasting God. The gods we construct in the imaginations of our own minds – the gods we please with whatever pleases us – will be cast into the lake of fire along with those who worship their favorite fabricated fake deities.

YeHoVaH Elohim Almighty does not change. What was an abomination – is an abomination. What provoked Him to jealousy – still kindles the fire of his wrath. What insulted Him in the days of Yehoshua – still piques His indignation today. The time of our ignorance past – as our current Biblical ignorance – the Almighty “winked at.” But now he is sending the spirit of Elijah to stir up the hearts of the fathers and the children in repenting of our gross violation of the Torah and beckoning us to return to the ancient paths.

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