Lessons On The Way To Sinai




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Upon arrival at Mt Sinai, the Almighty offered a proposal to the children of Israel: To become his priests to the whole world. — all it required was their agreement to obey his commandments. Not knowing what would be required of them yet, it was a test of their willingness to submit to his will and to trust him unconditionally.

They did, however, have an opportunity to understand who he was before the 10 commandments were given. Along their 7-week trek to Sinai, the Almighty embedded important life lessons to prepare the Israelites to be his people.

What were they? And what can we learn from them? Decode the hidden truths of the Lessons On The Way To Sinai!

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“I love this series, because it is the best teaching on Exodus I’ve encountered. This is not milk to pacify your thirst, this is real meat.”

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