How did pagan sun god worship end up in seemingly innocent, Christian traditions? And why do believers blindly follow along? Learn the truth, why it matters, and what the Almighty says about it all.

Truth and Tradition

Join author and historian Michael Rood as he travels the land of Israel, exploring the Scriptures from a Hebrew, or Jewish perspective. This is the adventure for which you have been waiting an entire lifetime.

Traditions can blind us from the truth and cause us to wander in the myopic fog of man-made religious systems for an entire lifetime.

Join Michael on a journey “out of Babylon” and away from its pagan traditions to uncover long lost truths preserved in the Biblical record.

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The Creator’s Calendar

Shimon Kefa (Peter) prophesied: “Yahshua ascended into heaven UNTIL the restoration of all things.” One of the “all things” now being restored is the Creator’s original calendar—the reckoning of time by which the Almighty created and still runs the universe. This is the calendar by which Israel conducted the Temple service, and the reckoning of time that governed when Yahshua went up to Jerusalem to fulfill the Spring Feasts of the LORD. Now, after nearly 2,000 years of religious superstition and ignorance, we can begin to understand the ministry of the Messiah and the Gospel chronology with more precise detail than could have been imagined since the onset of the Dark Ages.

Both Jews and Christians have forsaken the Creator’s calendar for an invented reckoning of time. The modern Jewish calendar was invented in Tiberias in 359 of the Common Error, utilizing Babylon astronomy to calculate a complete new reckoning of time. The modern Christian calendar invented in Babylon nearly 4,000 years ago, remains just as pagan as the day it was fabricated.

Join Biblical Chronologist, Michael Rood and his guest, Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Nehemia Gordon, as they expose both of these man-made calendars and turn to the ancient Hebrew Scriptures to rediscover the Creator’s reckoning of time – so that we, the children of light, might not be ignorant of His times and His seasons.

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The Pagan-Christian Connection EXPOSED

Michael Rood invites you to “leave your western gentile mentality behind” as you explore the Scriptures from a Hebrew perspective in: The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed.

What can a Jewish theologian teach a Christian about Christianity? Plenty! Michael proves the Creator’s power with hold-in-your-hand evidence. He explodes many long held Christian traditions that were fabricated in Nimrod’s Babylon and adapted by the Emperor Constantine. He uses the Bible to lead us back to irrefutable truths from the Word of the Almighty. Little wonder that many refer to his message as A Rood Awakening! This is a great overview in print of some of Michael’s most important and foundational teachings.

The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed is two books and two A Rood Awakening! episodes in one powerful package. “Sodom and Gomorrah Revisited” and “Truth Vs. Tradition: The Heavyweight Battle of the Ages.” Book chapters include: Willful Ignorance, Learning to Tell Time Biblically, Coming Out of Babylon, Patronizing Pagan Parties, and Synchronizing Your Babylonian Timepieces.

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The Messiah Dilemma

In the pinnacle of the Messiah’s confrontation with the religious leaders who were repeatedly turning to find fault in hime, Yeshua asks them a question that leaves them, all speechless. Finally hear the answer to the critical question in thous groundbreaking study through centuries of Biblical scholarship.

Is the Messiah God himself? Michael Rood decodes the complex Messianic prophecy given to David, and verifies it over and over with Scripture, to reveal the truth of Messiah. One of the longest standing Biblical questions is finally answered here in The Messiah Dilemma: Answering the Question No One Dared Answer.

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Let No Pagan Judge You

Episode 6: Let No Pagan Judge You

Rav Shaul (the Apostle Paul) warned the Believers in the pagan capital of Colossi to be wary of heathen traditions that would “spoil” the followers of Messiah. Despite his warning, the modern “Christian” church has turned a deaf ear to the Creator’s instructions and has adopted the form, philosophy and traditions of Babylonian sun god worship.

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Who Is Your Unauthorized Covering?

“Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonors his head…”    Corinthians 11:4

This phrase is part of a sentence in the middle of a very long letter that Shaul (Paul) wrote to a troubled group of Believers in the pagan city of Corinth. This ‘numbered sound byte’ has been extracted from its historical and scriptural context in order to develop theology that has no relationship to what Shaul was communicating to these 1st century Believers.

Michael Rood puts this phrase back into its proper context and shows that the transgressions committed by the former pagans of Corinth are the very same errors entangling Believers today – rampant kingdom building “Nicolaitanism” in which shepherds wield confiscated authority to intimidate and control the flock of God.

Michael, along with Shaul, exposes the “shepherding” perversions common today, and delineates a clear path of correction for those who desire to follow the Messiah.

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The Mikveh: The Doctrine of Baptisms

The writer of “The Epistle to the Messianic Hebrews” challenges the believers to leave behind the foundational principles of faith in Messiah, and to press on to maturity. Once the foundations of the faith have been laid firmly and the “milk” of the word has strengthened us, it is time for some real meat. One of the foundations of faith listed in Hebrews is “the doctrine of baptisms” (plural), yet in the Christian world very little is known about baptism. What is known is filtered through a Greek mind-set and ignorance of the Hebrew practice of the “mikveh” from which “baptism” is loosely translated.

John the Baptist was not a Baptist, nor was his name John—his name was Yohannan ben Zechariah, the son of an Aaronic priest. He did not invent some “new thing”, but was performing that of which every Israelite was intimately familiar—yet of which the average Christian is clueless. He was “mikveh-ing” Israelites in the Jordan River when he first met the promised Messiah, Yahshua. Every Israelite understood what Yochannan was doing in the Jordan, but the religious leaders could not understand why he was performing the Mikveh outside of their authorized religious system.

Join Michael Rood on the banks of the beautiful Jordan River near his home in Israel as he opens the believer’s eyes to the depths of “The Mikveh – the Doctrine of Baptisms“. Once this foundation of the faith is understood, we may then move on to maturity.

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The Mystery of Iniquity

Have you ever had a difficult question about the Gospels, but no one could help? You’re about to get the answer you’ve been looking for!

During A Rood Awakening! International’s Hanukkah 2013 celebration in Dallas, Texas, Michael Rood — historian, teacher, and author of The Chronological Gospels — offered to answer any question about the Gospels, from the typical to the bizarre!

Using The Chronological Gospels as the key to unlocking the answers to perplexing questions about the Bible, Michael Rood provides insightful answers and demonstrates how to dig deeper to discover the secrets of the Gospels on your own, using a little history and a lot of common sense.

Co-hosted by author and preacher Arthur Bailey, and teacher Dr. Dennis Otero, The Great Gospel Inquisition will answer questions about the Gospels you’ve been wrestling with for years… perhaps for your entire life!

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Michael Rood EXPOSED

What began as an amusing, yet serious adaptation of a 12-step program testimonial entitled “Religious Systems Anonymous,” turned into a sobering recount of the darkest days in Michael Rood’s career as “a paid professional false prophet.” Grown men sobbed at the end of the unexpected and unannounced confession, which was rehearsed before an unsuspecting crowd. The audience sat riveted to their seats in stunned silence. No one could have fathomed the depth of torment that rent the heart of the man who, today, so eloquently expresses his disdain for the Nicolaitan religious system that took the lives of others – and nearly ended his.

Forget the insipid innuendos and manufactured falsehoods of those who attempt to dissuade the sheeple from examining for themselves what Michael Rood really teaches. Hear the bloody details from the man who survived the nightmare – and lives to steer others from the well-worn path that leads to destruction and from the self-serving shepherds who force their flock to drink from a polluted cistern. One of the most captivating testimonies ever recorded – the turbid testimony of a much maligned man who many consider to be one of the most energetic evangelists/teachers of our time. You will understand why his vociferous enemies have done their best to shut the mouth of the man who let the cat out of the bag.

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The Sermon Few Wanted to Hear

The sixteenth title in the Hebrew Roots DVD video teaching series from Israel.

A young Rabbi from the Village of Nazareth was drawing crowds of thousands as he taught in the fishing villages along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. His message refreshed the souls of those who had become burdened with the rules and regulations of man-made religion.

In his first recorded attempt at separating “fair weather Jesus people” from those who would follow him in the narrow, difficult paths ahead, Yahshua left the multitudes on the lowlands and started an arduous climb to the top of the mountain. When he was set, only his disciplined followers ascended the mountain, carefully following his challenging footpath.

Yahshua opened his mouth, and the “few that wanted to hear” were given a very hard message about “the Law” (the Torah) and the startling Judgement Day reality awaiting those who spurn its instructions.

Michael Rood takes you to the Golan Heights to give you a historical perspective of this very mountain and a timeless interpretation of Yahshua’s Sermon – which today even more need to hear.

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Pomegranate Mysteries

Hair uncombed and teeth unbrushed, I groggily added the grounds to my stove top espresso pot to begin the morning after a long Shabbat of teaching and fellowship in our home in the Galilee. Rashel and Darlene had been stirring for a while, and Rashel had unexpectedly taken over the project that I had begun the night before – counting the seeds of a giant pomegranate.

As you watch it please remember that this is not a million dollar an episode Hollywood reality series that is rehearsed and planned to the nth detail, but rather the result of less than 30 seconds of planning and no rehearsal.

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