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From Here To Eternity – Both terrifying and glorious, The Revelation — the fifth Gospel — sets the stage for the Messiah’s return. But how does it all come together? Michael Rood shows you how, step-by-step in “From Here To Eternity.”

In this 35-episode teaching series, Michael uses prophetic shadow pictures embedded in the Feasts of the LORD to give you the most relevant, insightful, energetic, accurate, and exhaustive exposition The Revelation ever compiled!

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Viewer Reviews

“This is one of Michael’s greatest teachings. In these DVD’s he includes some of his own personal testimony, his journey. What he gave up to come into the knowledge of the truth so he can bring to us this information. It is well worth the cost of owing it. Everybody should own it. I’ll replay it over and over again. Thanks Michael!”
“I love it. I’m glad you are using some of the Shabbat Nite Live teachings…I’m not always able to watch the program live. I’m only on the third DVD but I’m sure the rest are as exciting as the first. Keep up the wonderful work. I’m hoping to get to Charlotte this year for Passover…Jehovah willing. Thank you all.”
“I enjoyed the first 7 dvd’s as Michael told the story of his life and the divine appointments arranged by YHVH for him along the Way. It brought to mind the wonderful days past of walking with Adonai, and seeing all the miraculous things He was doing around me clearly. The teaching regarding the Ark of the Covenant comes to fruition in the last 2 dvd’s, and is a cogent summation of Michael’s earlier works such as the Fall Feasts of the LORD, the Great Secret of Solomon’s Temple, and the establishment of the Creator’s Calendar. I thank our Creator with grateful tears that He brought up Michael to teach us His Truth, and clear away the subtle misdirections and fables the overlords would have us chained to in this present Age. HalleluYAH and Maranatha!”

Answers To Your Questions

This teaching series is clearly the most relevant, insightful, energetic, accurate, and exhaustive exposition of the prophetic scripture in this generation. Michael Rood takes you on an exciting journey of discovery as he explores the three sections of the Revelation as detailed by Yeshua himself:

  1. The things that you (Yochanan) have just seen – in relation to…
  2. The things that are now (then and at the present) transpiring in the body of believers
  3. The things that must come to pass in the future – which Yeshua’s servants need to know

Author of The Chronological Gospels: The Life and Seventy Week Ministry of the Messiah and more than 300 television episodes, Michael Rood draws on his experience in the U.S. Marines, the U.S. State Department, and years of living and teaching in Jerusalem and the Galilee to expose the doomed conspiracy foretold in the second Psalm – the conspiracy of world rulers (kosmokrateros) in their final bid for global domination at the end of the age. Whether the individual, family, or group study, these 35 high definition, on-hour video teaching sessions will illuminate, inspire, and encourage you in troubled times – From Here to Eternity.

**WARNING** This video series, like the book of the Revelation, is for servants of the Messiah ONLY – it is not for the casual Christian, pew-warmer, pretender, or innocent bystander!

This teaching on Here to Eternity will answer your question if you searched for: the book of revelation, what is the book of revelation, study of the book of revelation, commentary on book of revelation, and understanding the book of revelation, and much more.

Teaching Series Episodes

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