Discover how small mistranslations of end-time prophecy can change the meaning of a Bible verse from a “woman in a basket” to a “war missile.” Michael Rood clarifies the Bible like you’ve never seen!

From Here To Eternity

The book of The Revelation is quite literally, “The revelation of Yeshua as the Messiah – the Conquering King and Almighty Judge.” These are the instructions that were revealed to Yochanan (John) to deliver to Yeshua’s committed servants concerning the things that must come to pass in the last days before paradise is finally restored.

Just as the first four Gospels detailed how Yeshua fulfilled the Spring Feasts of the LORD when he came the first time in his roles as The Prophet, and the Lamb of God – the book of the Revelation is the fifth Gospel – Good News of the Messiah fulfilling the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in the Fall Feasts of the LORD as he returns to rule the Earth.

This teaching series is clearly the most relevant, insightful, energetic, accurate, and exhaustive exposition of the prophetic scripture in this generation. Michael Rood takes you on an exciting journey of discovery as he explores the three sections of the Revelation as detailed by Yeshua himself:

  1. The things that you (Yochanan) have just seen – in relation to…
  2. The things that are now (then and at the present) transpiring in the body of believers
  3. The things that must come to pass in the future – which Yeshua’s servants need to know

Author of The Chronological Gospels: The Life and Seventy Week Ministry of Messiah and more than 300 television episodes, Michael Rood draws on his experience in the U.S. Marines, the U.S. State Department, and years of living and teaching in Jerusalem and the Galilee to expose the doomed conspiracy foretold in the second Psalm – the conspiracy of world rulers (kosmokrateros) in their final bid for global domination at the end of the age.

Whether in individual, family, or group study, these 35 high definition, one-hour video teaching sessions will illuminate, inspire, and encourage you in troubled times – From Here to Eternity.

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**WARNING** This video series, like the book of the Revelation, is for servants of the Messiah ONLY – it is not for the casual Christian, pew-warmer, pretender, or innocent by-stander!

The First and The Last Trumpet – Parts 1 & 2

At Yom Teruah 2014 in Rochester, NY, four of the best Messianic teachers in the world presented some groundbreaking teachings that have been in demand ever since!

  • Michael Rood: “The First and the Last Trumpet – Part 1”
  • Brad Scott: “Basar Echad and other Secrets of the Universe”
  • Michael Rood: “The First and the Last Trumpet – Part 2”
  • Arthur Bailey: “Manifesting the Gift of Healing”
  • Michael Rood: “The Judges: The King is Coming to Reign Among Us”
  • David Jesse: “Thirteen Years”
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The Jonah Code

Yahshua the Messiah (aka Jesus) declared that there would be only one sign of his authenticity: “Three days and three nights in the grave – and rising on the third day.” Tragically, inherited ignorance of the Creator’s reckoning of time and mindless attachment to pagan traditions have left the Christian Church system unable to count to three!!

Michael Rood strips away 2,000 years of fossilized traditions to reveal profound truths in the Gospels which have eluded Western Christianity for millennia. Michael exposes one of the greatest deceptions foisted upon the Christian world: the blatantly insupportable “three and one half year ministry of Jesus” and the eight infamous words that were deliberately forged into later texts of John’s Gospel which destroyed the chronological integrity of the Gospels, formed the crumbling foundations of replacement theology, and left the end-time prophecies of Daniel in shambles!

Join Michael for two action-packed evenings as he exposes and corrects the fatal error in Western Christianity while unveiling mathematical proofs and astronomical confirmations from the Hebrew Scriptures that were concealed until the end of the age. This is Bible Prophecy 401.

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When the Brimstone Hits the Fan

Each year we rehearse Yom Teruah (the Day of Trumpets) to remind us of the day that the trumpets blew and the Torah was shouted down from Mount Sinai by the Almighty. We also look back and remember the Great Sign in the heavens that occurred on Yom Teruah that announced the upcoming birth of the Messiah in 3 B.C.E.  Every year we recognize that Yom Teruah is a Kadosh Mikra – a detailed shadow picture of good things to come.

The intermediate fulfillment of Yom Teruah will usher in a time of wars and terrorism, Torah-lessness and betrayal, violence, plagues, famine and death. It will initiate the separation of wheat from the chaff, false shepherd from the sheep, true servants from the posers who hate and betray others unto death. Yom Teruah prepares us for the Confirmation of the Covenant that begins the last of Daniel’s seventy shevuim and sets the stage for the Later Rain outpouring on Hoshanna Rabbah.  But along with the good, we will witness the most difficult time that the earth has ever seen.  We will need both the divine empowerment to do great exploits – and the encouraging instructions.

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Chronology of The Revelation

The book of the Revelation details the stripping of consecutive numbered seals, the blowing of consecutive numbered trumpets, the shouting of consecutive numbered thunders, and the pouring out of consecutive numbered bowls of wrath, all of which culminate in the Feast of Conclusion and the Dedication of Messiah’s Millennial Temple – just as it was foretold by the prophets and personally revealed to Yahshua’s beloved but battle-scarred servant, Yochanan–yet many readers find the events in Revelation baffling. This is the Chronology of the Revelation.

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Newton’s Last Dilemma

Believers around the world are sensing that we may be in the “last days” as detailed by the Hebrew Prophets. To understand the sign of the “end of the age”, one must understand the prophetic shadow pictures embedded in the Feasts of the LORD – the mechanism by which the Almighty declared the end of the age from the very beginning. Isaac Newton, considered by his modern day counterparts as the greatest scientist who ever lived, spent the last decade of his life attempting to crack the prophetic code of Daniel’s Seventy Weeks – only to go to his grave with questions that would not be deciphered for more than 300 years.

All over the globe, the Almighty is sovereignly leading his people into an understanding of the Feasts, and their prophetic significance. Those who never thought that they were asleep, are waking up to the importance of the Feasts of the LORD and why Israel was commanded to keep the Feasts forever. Don’t be left out of the “end times” revival declared by the prophet Jeremiah – the gentiles are coming to Israel from the ends of the earth and waking up to the fact that they have inherited lies and pagan abominations from their forefathers.

If you are a lover of biblical truth, you won’t want to miss this profound teaching series – Newton’s Last Dilemma: Daniel’s Seventy Weeks – with Michael Rood.

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The Beating of Balaam’s Ass: Prophetically Speaking

Balaam’s Background

King Balak (Heb. the Destroyer) gathered the princes of his United Nations together on three separate occasions, on three different mountaintops, to survey the nation of Israel. Each time, seven sacrifices were offered on seven altars as Balaam and the best and the brightest sought a way to circumvent Israel’s destiny to inherit the land. Bribes, promotions, and unlimited expense accounts were the order of the day.

America Keeps Beating Balaam’s Ass

On September 11, 1993 the princes of the world gathered in Washington D.C. to inaugurate their seven year peace altar – the prophetically doomed Oslo Accords. Seven years later, in July of 2000, the princes again assembled at Camp David for another round of sacrifices on their seven year altar – yet, no peace did it bring. Seven years later, in November of 2007 the princes were assembled for their third mountaintop experience in Annapolis Maryland as they devised yet another way to make Israel bow at their feet. Balaam learned the hard way – and apparently so must America. Balaam was taken by the edge of the sword as Israel took the land promised to Abraham. Just what part of “Almighty” doesn’t the New World Order understand? Join Michael Rood for the opening session of Yom Teruah 6008 – the Feast of Trumpets 2008 as he details the prophetic significance of “Beating Balaam’s Ass” from the book of Numbers and from the headlines of the New York Times. The physical universe is trying to tell America something that their leaders just don’t want to hear…

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Zechariah’s Thermonuclear War

You need to be fully apprised of the information that is contained in Zechariah’s Thermonuclear War. In this DVD, I explain what The Almighty showed me in Jerusalem on the High Sabbath of the Last Great Day at the end of the Feast of Tabernacles in 2001. This was one of the rare occasions that I was given a direct revelation from the throne room in Heaven. YHWH decided to reveal this important detail that has been hidden or misunderstood for over 2,000 years. The brimstone is about to hit the fan. Do not close your eyes and ignore the warning from Heaven.

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Learning to Walk By The Spirit

Join Michael Rood at the Feast of Shavuot celebration in Denver as he reveals both the glory and the gut-hard realities recorded in the first two chapters of the Acts of the Jewish Apostles. Shimon Kefa reveals the Divine elevation of Yahshua to his “mystery” position on the right hand of the Father as he quotes one of the most profound prophesies in the Scripture – a prophesy deliberately neutered by Jewish scribes and completely ignored by Christians.

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The Mystery of Iniquity

mystery-of-iniquity_largeThe Mystery of Iniquity exposes and extinguishes the strong delusion that has become a false hope of the modern Church – the snare that has been set by Satan through many years of working behind the scenes. What began as gentle misleading has, through the years, taken a winding path to the valley of full deception. The Mystery of Iniquity is the warning of Yahshua (Jesus), Shaul (Paul), and Yochannan (John) concerning the absolute prerequisites to the return of the Messiah to gather the saints at the end of the age. That warning is not futuristic prophesy as it was in their day, but reiterated in the context of the accomplished deception of the Church in our modern times.

Includes the FREE DVD “Zechariah’s Thermonuclear War”!

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