With undeniable, video proof, Michael Rood’s archaeological teaching series catapults biblical accounts from mere “stories” to verifiable, historical records that drop the jaws Scriptural scoffers everywhere!

The Red Sea Crossing

red-sea-new_4_mediumNow with English & Spanish on one DVD!

Journey with Michael Rood and an international team of scientists and explorers as they document the most exciting archaeological finds in the history of the human race. You will sail the ancient “Yam Suph” (modern day “Gulf of Aqaba” aka the “Red Sea”) where hundreds of Egyptian chariots have been strewn across the sea floor. Robotic submarine cameras will lead you through an underwater battlefield where the coral encrusted remains of Pharaoh’s army still litter the ocean floor like an ancient chariot junkyard. This will be the beginning of the greatest adventure of your life.

You will never be the same after experiencing The Red Sea Crossing!

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Sodom & Gomorrah

Several years ago, Michael Rood, a biblical chronologist and author of the digitally re-mastered DVD “Sodom and Gomorrah”, spent an entire week camped out under the stars in the city of Gomorrah. “I had heard that an archaeologist in the early 1800’s had found this site and reported its location. In 1989 another archaeologist stumbled onto this site while working in the area. When I was introduced to the evidence, I was compelled to make a journey to this desert.” says Michael Rood.

Join Michael Rood on the shore of the Dead Sea where the quest for these ancient Biblical cities begins!Watch NowBuy now

The REAL Mount Sinai

Dodging military gunships patrolling the Gulf of Aqaba, trespassing the Jordanian desert under the cover of darkness, smuggling ancient Israelite artifacts past Arabian border guards, enduring months of interrogation while awaiting trial for international espionage, shaking face down in the desert sand with the gun barrels of bedouin warriors pressed against their skulls – these are some of the trials endured by the handful of archeologists, scientists, and oil field engineers who labored for over a decade to get the definitive evidence of The REAL Mount Sinai out to the world.

Join Michael Rood on the shores of the Red Sea as he presents the physical evidence and recounts the adventures of those who successfully documented one of the most auspicious events in the history of the human race. The rocks are literally crying out in the last days that the Almighty will fulfill His promise to Israel.

“Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours” – Deut. 11:24

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The Great Secret of Solomon’s Temple

The Hebrew Scriptures detail the building of a great temple under the direction of King Solomon of Israel, the wisest man on earth. The Temple was built as a place to house the Ark of the Covenant. To make provision for the Ark’s safe keeping, Solomon constructed a sand-hydraulic elevator in the Most Holy Place. The emergency escape route and the stone sarcophagus in which the Ark was hidden during Nebuchadnezar’s siege were recently discovered in the elaborate tunnel system that honeycombs Mount Moriah – the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Prepare for a Rood Awakening! as Michael Rood takes you on a whirlwind adventure in this fast paced video presentation, “The Great Secret of Solomon’s Temple and the Hiding of the Ark of the Covenant.” This is Michael’s “signature work”, the teaching that details the hiding of the Ark of the Covenant, and the Ark’s importance in the fulfillment of the Feast of Passover – a shadow of good things to come.Watch NowBuy now

Lessons on the way to Sinai

This DVD includes the following teachings:
1. Mikveh-ed in the Red Sea
2. The Song of Moses – and Kvetching of Critics
3. Manna: What is it?
4. The Rock: Who is it?
5. The True God: What is His Name?
6. Delegating Authority: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
7. BONUS – Shavuot: The Mountain Which Cannot Be TouchedWatch NowBuy now

The Ark of The Covenant

The Chief Rabbi of the state of Israel, Shlomo Goren, publicly announced that the Ark of the Covenant had been found in Mount Moriyah – and he had seen it with his own eyes. Account after vivid account emerged as others came forward with their part of the story. Through Divine direction, Michael Rood was brought into the picture as “The Greatest Story Never Told” began to slowly unfold. To follow the path, Michael had to sell his last earthly possessions and put his life, livelihood, and reputation on the line.
Eighteen years later, Michael invites us to join him on the adventure of discovery that led him from a midnight meeting in Israel with the founder of the Temple Treasures Institute to the Great Pyramid of Giza, to the home of confidant Ron Wyatt, to the cave system under the Temple Mount, to the Red Sea crossing site in Egypt, and to the hanger of a black-ops aviation specialist with a peculiar penchant for ancient sand hydraulics — you will witness the verified Divine appointments every step of the way.

The hiding of the Ark of the Covenant and its future revelation was detailed by Jeremiah in the second book of Maccabees – but removed from the original 1611 KJV by the American Bible Society. The revelation contained in this video series will enable you to understand “the Confirmation of the Covenant” declared by the angel to Daniel and that event will begin the last seven years of this age. The moment Ron Wyatt confirmed the paradigm-shaking revelation that Michael received, the Divine sign was authenticated and the adventure began…

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The Sinai Connection

For seven years, Michael Rood traveled the globe presenting the evidence of the “REAL” Mount Sinai in Arabia. Armed with only a few photographs and short segments of extraordinary video footage, Michael exposed fallacious traditions and shed new light from the Hebrew Scriptures, which detailed Israel’s exodus from Egypt. The true source of Michael’s video evidence remained a secret, even to him, until a former Saudi Aramco oil field engineer and his wife attended the “A Rood Awakening!” seminar. That night, James and Penny Caldwell identified themselves as the clandestine source of Michael’s covert information. Now that they were safe in America, they offered Michael full access to nearly ten years of stockpiled evidence – a treasure beyond belief!

Explore the route of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt that leads to the coral encrusted remains of Pharaoh’s chariots and army strewn across the floor of the Red Sea. Inspect the petroglyphs of the Egyptian cow and bull gods, which unmistakably identify the altar to the golden calf. View the sacrificial altar near the original Tabernacle site. Walk through the split rock that gushed millions of gallons of water into the thirsty camp of the Israelites. Visit the cave where Elijah stayed during his sojourn at the mountain. Ponder the prophetic ramifications of Zechariah’s Thermonuclear War and the The Two Man-made Mountains of Brass, which details the escalation of the current war in the middle-east. And finally, witness Israel’s permanent title deed to the land promised to Abraham and his descendants.

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Raiders of the Lost Book

Several years ago, Michael Rood was working on an apparent contradiction in the book of Matthew that had haunted him for years. He approached Nehemia Gordon, a textual scholar at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, who agreed to use his linguistic expertise to investigate the problem.

The revelations that ensued are thrilling the serious seekers of scriptural truth. Ancient Hebrew manuscripts of the Gospel of Matthew, guarded for centuries in the covert archives of Jewish synagogues, are now being brought to light. Early “church fathers” stated that Matthew wrote his Gospel in Hebrew, and now the seemingly contradictory Gospel records which have confused Greek Bible scholars for centuries, are finally harmonized in the Hebrew Matthew.

This 5-hour series details the epic discovery that clarifies the Gospel of the Kingdom that Yahshua taught his followers by both word and example. This revelation is shaking the Christian and Messianic Jewish world and is delivering believers from the nicolaitan system that Yahshua exposed and conquered – yet is alive and well in the manipulative world of man-made religion.

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The Mystery of Solomon’s Laver

The Hebrew Scriptures detail the building of a great temple and a giant brass laver under the direction of King Solomon of Israel, the wisest man on Earth. The Brazen Sea rested on the back of twelve brass oxen, facing the cardinal points of the compass and it contained the Waters of Purification.

Solomon’s Laver contained not only water, but a prophetic shadow picture and time code for the end of the age — a time in which the last days prophecies of Moses and Ezekiel would be fulfilled.

September 28, 2000 Ariel Sharon ascended the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and read the last days prophecy of Ezekiel. The “Days of Rage” ensued, annulling the “Covenant with Death” and setting the stage for the fulfillment of the Brazen Laver Prophecy.

Prepare for a Rood Awakening! as Michael Rood takes you on a whirlwind adventure in this fast paced video presentation, “Mystery of Solomon’s Laver and the last days prophecies of Moses and Ezekiel.”

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The Hem of His Garment

Episode 5: The Hem of His Garment

The prophet Malachi wrote, “The Sun of Righteousness will arise with healing in his wings.” The Sun of Righteousness was understood by the Jewish sages to refer to the Messiah, who would have the power to heal all who touched the tzitzit (fringes) on his garment. 

Join Michael at the “city gates” to relive the miraculous healing of a woman of undaunted faith.Watch NowBuy now

The Day of Trumpets at the Rock of Ages

rock-of-ages_c5c0910f-2f26-4b65-82bc-99bde0934005_largeThis mountain top experience set the stage for Michael Rood’s keynote address at the Albuquerque Convention Center as he took us to the REAL Mount Sinai and clarified “The Covenant” that was delivered from the fiery summit – the subsequent breaking of that Covenant – and the prophetic provision for the renewal of the Covenant. The Gospel of the Kingdom will come to life as you relive this life-changing, Mount Sinai experience, at the ‘Rock of Ages’ – the Mountain of the Los Lunas Decalogue.Watch NowBuy now

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