Today, the earth and planets of our solar system revolve around the sun, but only fifteen hundred years ago the sun, planets, and stars revolved around the earth – according to “Rome.”  Back then, there were three calendar systems in use in the Empire, and these same three systems remain in use to this very day.  Each defines one’s world view, the center of one’s universe, and one’s relationship to the Creator.

The Pagan Calendar

The “sun calendar” was, and is, the official calendar of the Roman Empire.

While Emperor Constantine was praying to the Roman sun god “Mithra,” he received “divine” instructions for a renewed and improved religion to unify his Empire.  Constantine consecrated himself as “Pontifex Maximus,” a title reserved for the high priest of paganism, and united his subjects under the sign of “the cross of Mithra,” which had already decorated Roman battle standards for over a hundred years.  It happened to be the same symbol that the Persians borrowed from the Babylonian worshippers of Tammuz.  Pontiff Constantine updated the Julian calendar by incorporating the festivals of pagan deities.  The day of the birth of Tammuz, the reincarnated Nimrod, on the winter solstice (originally December 25th) and the day of the reincarnation of Nimrod’s wife as Easter, the queen of heaven and goddess of sexual desire, on the “full moon” sun-day after the vernal equinox became “holy days” on Constantine’s religious calendar.  Constantine invented “another Jesus” (II Cor 11:4) to replace Tammuz and adorned him with all the accoutrements of Mithra worship.  Easter was eventually deposed and replaced by the “Virgin Mary” as the new “queen of heaven.”

Long before the time of Constantine, the Babylonian priests of Nimrod had already divided the year into the four quarters of the solar cycle: the winter and summer solstices and the vernal and autumnal equinoxes.

The Romans then haphazardly parceled 28 to 31-day months around the solar year and named the months to honor their fictitious gods.  The year begins with January, named for Janus, the two-headed god who looks back at the past and forward to the future, while the span of February through June is populated with the personalities of various fallen angelsJulius and Augustus, emperors who became gods, are honored by the midsummer months July and August.

September through December are the only months that remain numbered (the Latin numbers seven, eight, nine, and ten are septem, octo, novem, and decem) and hearken back to the time when the Creator’s original calendar was known by the entire human race.

Although December is the twelfth Roman month, its name still represents its approximate position of the tenth (decem) biblical month.

The Roman day begins exactly as it did in ancient Babylon – at midnight – the mathematical moment that the sun is on the opposite side of the earth.

The Roman week begins at midnight at the end of the seventh day, but instead of retaining its biblical numbering as the first day, it has been renamed “Deis Solis” or “Sun Day,” the day that the sun god is to be worshipped.

Pontifex Constantine commanded that everyone rest on “the venerable day of the sun” and that anyone who celebrated the Sabbath or any of the Feasts of the Jews was to be “cut off.”  If Constantine had been scripturally literate, he would have known that these were not the Feasts of the Jews but the Feasts of YHWH that he was demeaning and negating!

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The Creator’s Calendar

The Creator’s calendar – or the biblical calendar – was the reckoning of time in the Garden of Eden

It is detailed in the following statement:  Each day begins at sunset; each week begins at the sunset at the end of the Sabbath (the seventh day); each month begins with the sighting of the first sliver of the new moon; and the beginning of the year is determined at the new moon when the barley crop in Israel has reached the stage of maturity referred to as aviv.

This was Israel’s national calendar from the time of our constitution at Mt. Sinai until long after our dispersion by Rome.  It was the reckoning by which the Feasts of the LORD were conducted during the first and second Temple periods, and it was the exact schedule by which the Jewish followers of Yahshua continued to keep the Feasts after his resurrection.  This reckoning of time can be understood by the smallest child and accurately determined by illiterate herdsmen.

This is the simple calendar by which the appointed times of our Creator have always been reckoned and observed.  He never changed them.  He never changes.  No one need be ignorant of His times and His seasons as long as we follow His method of marking the days, weeks, months, years, Sabbath years, Jubilee years, and millennia.

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The Pharisee Calendar

In the fourth century of the Common “Error” (C.E.), another calendar entered the picture – this one being introduced by a group of exiled Pharisees.  The Sanhedrin was evicted from the Temple Mount in the year 28 C.E. and finally exiled by Rome for the crime of “conspiring to pay witnesses to make a false report on their behalf.”  This incident is recorded in the Talmud and is also cited by Matthew in his first-century chronicle of the life and ministry of Yahshua:

“Some of the watch (Roman guard assigned to secure the tomb of Yahshua) came into the city and showed unto the chief priests all the things that were done.  And when they (the priests) were assembled with the elders (the Sanhedrin) and had taken counsel together (conspired to commit fraud), they gave large money (bribes) unto the soldiers, saying, say ye (bear false witness), “His disciples came by night, and stole him away while we slept” (admitting dereliction of guard duty, punishable by death).  And if this (admission of sleeping on post) comes to the governor’s ears (to the attention of their commanding officer), we will persuade him ($$$), and secure you (admit our culpability).  So they (the soldiers) took the money, and did as they were instructed (by the crooked Sanhedrin): and this account is commonly reported among the Jews until this day(near the end of the first century).”  [Matthew 28:11-15]

In 359 C.E., just before disbanding themselves, the exiled Sanhedrin devised a new calendar system. After the Temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed, the Pharisees had replaced the Temple service and the Creator’s appointed times with a “new and improved” religious system – a code of righteousness defined by thousands of man-made commandments and regulated by their new calendar. As head of the 4th century Sanhedrin, Hillel II borrowed Babylonian mathematical calculations to determine the precise moment that the moon was in “conjunction” with the earth and the sun. This unobservable mathematical moment in time was used to determine the beginning of each month on the new Pharisee calendar. The Pharisees invented additional “postponements” so that they could celebrate their adaptation of the Feasts at their own convenience. They could now plan their religious activities months, years, and even centuries in advance.

They completely disregarded the only criterion stipulated by the Almighty for determining the first month of the year – the aviv barley in the land of Israel.

The commandment concerning the barley was unmistakably defined so that we would offer the firstfruits of the barley harvest in a prophetically timely fashion and accurately count the omer to arrive at the first day after seven Sabbaths – on the 50th day – the Feast of Shavuot. But, instead of following the Torah instructions concerning the barley harvest, the Pharisees arbitrarily added a 13th month seven times every nineteen years, and then altered the method of counting the omer in order to camouflage its Messianic significance and fulfillment by Yahshua.

The Pharisees calculated their new calendar 2,000 years into the future and then admittedly hid the “Book of Genealogies” so that anyone outside their circle would have no way to calculate the correct elapsed time from creation. They changed the “head of the year” (Rosh HaShana) from the first day of the month of the aviv to the first day of the seventh month (Tishri) and removed 241½ years from the total elapsed time calendar. Only a chosen few would know when the 7th Millennium would actually arrive to herald “The time of Jacob’s Trouble.

The last official act of Hillel II, the head of the exiled Pharisee Sanhedrin, was to accomplish the very thing about which the prophet Daniel warned: “He shall proclaim commandments opposing the Almighty and continually harass the saints of the most High, and calculate to change (appointed) times and (Torah) laws” (Daniel 7:25).

Now, through the institution of the new Pharisee calendar, the appointed times of YHVH had been officially nullified and systematically replaced by the appointed times of men.

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Do not follow the takanot and ma’asim of the Pharisees

During the 135 C.E. revolt against Rome, the Pharisees wielded the power of death over any Israelite who would not join their unholy conspiracy to undermine the authority of the written Torah.  Under the bloodstained sword of Shimon Bar Kochvah, many reluctantly submitted to the Pharisees’ authority; but untold thousands of Jews, both Messianic and otherwise, fled for their lives rather than die or be forcibly converted to Rabbi Akivah’s new Pharisaic Judaism.  On their new calendar they changed the Feast of “Yom Teruah” – the Day of Trumpets – to “Rosh Hashanah” – the “Head of the Year.”

Yom Teruah is the appointed time that declares the Messiah’s character and identity.  It serves as an eternal reminder that no one is ever allowed to add or subtract one single Torah commandment.

But Yom Teruah was “un-appointed” by those who claimed divine authority to invent takanot, laws which change biblical law, and a false Rosh Hashanah was appointed in its place.

Just days before his crucifixion by Rome, Yahshua warned tens of thousands of Israelites who were gathered in the Temple for the upcoming Passover

The sages and Pharisees sit in the seat of Moses: (they purport to have Mosaic authority) therefore, whatsoever HE (Moses) commands you to do and observe, that do!  But do not follow the takanot (laws which change or negate biblical law) and ma’asim(acts of the rabbis which serve as legal precedents) of the Pharisees, because they say (they follow Moses) but they do not do (what Moses said to do)!

[Ancient Hebrew text of Matthew 23:2-3 as transcribed by Jewish physician Shem Tov Ibn Shaprut in 1380 C.E.; translated by Nehemia Gordon, annotated by Michael Rood.  See the DVD, Raiders of the Lost Book: Discoveries in the Ancient Hebrew Text of Matthew’s Gospel, for the entire explanation of this groundbreaking revelation.]

Yahshua repeatedly declared that the Pharisees had absolutely no right to add to or subtract from the Torah; He declared that even He had no such authority (Matthew 5:17).  Nevertheless, the Pharisee Sanhedrin made a takanah, adopting a man-made calendar, and cited a ma’aseh (a prior action of an “infallible” rabbi) that gave the Sanhedrin its imagined authority to nullify the Creator’s calendar.  

Three hundred and thirty-one years earlier, “The Prophet,” Yahshua, said they had no such authority.  N-O-N-E! naught, nil, zero, zip, zilch!

By the way, just what part of Yahshua’s commandment, “Do not follow the takanot and ma’asim of the Pharisees” is so difficult for the messianic community to understand? It is not rocket science – it is just simple obedience!  Some Messianics of the auspicious order of “the brown kippah” insist that we should, for the sake of unity, ignore Yahshua’s instructions and obey the Pharisees in order to provoke them to jealousy.  Does this sound like the attitude of the Messiah’s talmidim, who stuck it in the face of the Sanhedrin, saying, “We ought to obey Yahweh rather than men!”  (The Acts of the Jewish Apostles 5:29)?  Whatever happened to the Gospel of the Kingdom???

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For Better or for Worse…

Most Jews in the fourth century rejected the Pharisees’ purported supremacy over the Scriptures and continued to keep the Feasts according to the Torah’s prescription.  These stalwarts of Torah truth became known as “Karaites” or “Scripturalists.”  Even though their numbers have significantly dwindled, to this very day, the wedding vows of every Karaite couple contain the age-old promise to “keep the Feasts of YHWH according to the sighting of the new moon and the aviv barley in the land of Israel.”  However, a few hundred years ago, a Karaite sage noted that even the Karaites had fallen into the sin of following the calculated Pharisaic calendar.  The old sage prophesied that when Israel returned to the Promised Land, the Karaites would once again return to the Creator’s authentic reckoning of time.

Sixteen years ago, Nehemia Gordon, the son of a long line of Orthodox rabbis, returned to Israel as a Pharisee-turned-Karaite. He was compelled to resolve a mystery that had been lost to antiquity: how to determine the month of the aviv barley and accurately reckon the head of the year.  His research spanned more than a decade and enlisted the help of scholars and agricultural specialists from around the world.  After years of painstaking research and rigorous field inspections, even the Pharisee scholars in Jerusalem were convinced that Nehemia had rediscovered the original criterion for determining the month of the aviv. Nehemia’s work was introduced to the Messianic and Christian world in my 1999 video presentation, The Great Secret of Solomon’s Temple. Today, Nehemia is recognized in Israel as the foremost authority on the aviv – and when Nehemia and his team of researchers declare the month of the aviv, you can go to the Feast on it!

The morning preceding the sighting of the new moon on the evening of Tuesday March 20, 2007, I had our A Rood Awakening! Israel tour group in platoon formation, receiving final instructions before marching out into the ashen remains of the city of Gomorrah.  Just then, an automobile came out of the desert with an unexpected surprise for us.  Nehemia Gordon and Ruthann Koch, a degreed and certified agronomist from Colorado, scrambled out of the vehicle with exciting news.  The previous day, the internationalaviv search team had found abundant barley in and around Jerusalem which had reached the stage of aviv.  I had not found aviv in my inspection during a snowstorm in Jerusalem four days earlier, but I have learned from 10 years of experience that Nehemia and his team are the “go to” guys when you absolutely positively need to know when the barley is aviv.  Their decades of combined experience make them the knowledgeable witnesses that are required to determine the head of the year according to the Creator’s original reckoning of time.

As usual, several novices also came to Israel to search for the aviv.  They testified that they did not find aviv barley.  Their confessed inability to find aviv once again proves that they either couldn’t find aviv or they have no idea what constitutes aviv.  And once again, two of the most respected and qualified specialists on the planet concerning the aviv have given their witness:  a substantial amount ofaviv barley was found in reasonable proximity to Jerusalem on the day preceding the sighting of the new moon.  Their witness stands.  A witness that saw nothing is irrelevant.

This year the annual aviv search will be carried out on March 26th and 27th, the last two days of the twelfth biblical month, when we will witness either the aviv barley or the declaration of a thirteenth month to allow the barley to ripen.  Until that day, we will not know when the first month of the year will begin.  Until the Creator gives us His twofold witness in the heaven and the earth, we make no concrete plans for the Feasts this coming year.  Those who have hewn out their own kingdoms will once again scoff at the idea that the Messiah is still alive and able to instruct his people in his authentic times and seasons by which he rules the universe.  They will stand by their “anointed ones” and proclaim allegiance to the Pharisees by their blind obedience to their takanot and ma’asim.  They will say, “Jesus is lord” with their mouths but deny the words of Yahshua by their actions.  They will once again turn a blind eye to the Gospel of the Kingdom in favor of the convenience afforded those who follow the very religious sect who have changed both the Creator’s appointed times and His Torah.

With the adoption of the calculated calendar by the followers of the Pharisees and the acceptance of the pagan calendar by the followers of the Pontifex Maximus, the hands were broken from the face of the clock.  We were left with the “appointed times” of two insolvent religious systems spawned in the exaltation of fallen man and fallen angels.  These two calendar systems freed those religions from any interference by the Creator, and left everyone on the planet clueless as to the timing of the fulfillment of the Fall Feasts of the LORD.  Thus, in this generation, we have all been born into a world that has no idea what time it is on the Creator’s time clock.  We, who are supposed to be aware of the Creator’s reckoning of time and His seasons (mo’adim), are in complete darkness.  The “Day of the LORD” has actually overtaken us as a thief, because we have not been diligent to guard and keep His appointed times in His appointed seasons and according to His extremely simple and absolutely accurate time clock.

Are we on the right track?

For many years I worked on the calculations that would allow us to accurately ascertain the beginning of the 6001st year from creation – the seventh millennium– the Day or Millennium of the LORD.  As microcomputers came of age, I was able to use astronomical calculations that were not available to chronologists just a decade earlier.  In the course of this research I made some significant discoveries concerning the reckoning of biblical time which allowed me to correct errors in my own developing system.  Two of the most significant revelations concerned the number of years subtracted from elapsed time reckoning in the rabbinic calendar and the proximity to Jerusalem parameters for determining the aviv barley.  These two determinations were put to the test with the publication of the Aviv 1, 6000 edition of the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar in the spring of 2000.

In restoring the Creator’s celestial and agricultural calendar, there were many questions to be answered, and some of the answers were years in coming.  In the spring of 2000 there was still a little room for “if” to be factored into the calculations. 

After the calendar was published, I made my regular radio and television circuit and stated, “If we have accurately calculated the calendar for this year, we will see violence erupt in Jerusalem before sundown September 28, 2000.”

A few months later, the bloodshed on the Temple Mount commenced the “Second Intifada” just before sundown on September 28, 2000.  To date, over 5,000 people have been killed as a result of that violent uprising.  The forecasting of this monumental event did not happen by coincidence, nor was it known by direct divine revelation.  Rather, the day and hour of the eruption of violence in Jerusalem was discerned entirely by calculation using the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar.  “But how?” you may ask…

On September 13, 1993, Israel entered into a seven-year peace and security agreement, the Oslo Accords, with the Palestinian terror organization fronted by Yasser Arafat, with the United Nations acting as its guarantor and the United States acting as its mediator.  This was not the much anticipated “confirmation of the Messianic covenant” prophesied in Daniel 9, but the rightfully maligned “covenant with death” prophesied in Isaiah 28.  In return for the promise of peace and security from their enemies, Israel’s leaders promised to relinquish a parcel of land that was originally promised to Abraham by an eternal covenant.  The Almighty typified this “agreement with hell” as a bed that was too short and a quilt not wide enough to cover (Isaiah 28:20).  YHWH said that He would annul this covenant by an overflowing scourge of violence.  Since this “agreement with hell” would be “the bed too short,” the math was easy – the covenant with death had to be annulled before its seven-year completion.

The seven-year covenant was actually ratified, not on the insignificant pagan date of September 13, 1993, but according to theCreator’s calendar, on Tishri 1, 5993 – the High Sabbath of Yom Teruah.  Seven years later on the Pontiff’s calendar would be September 13, 2000, but seven years later on the Creator’s calendar would, again, be the High Sabbath of Yom Teruah – Tishri 1, 6000, which would begin, if Nehemia’s analysis of the aviv was correct, at sunset on September 28, 2000.  Just hours before sunset on September 28th – hours before the biblical reckoning of Yom Teruah – Ariel (the Lion) Sharon ascended the Temple Mount, opened the book of Ezekiel, and read the last days prophecy concerning the reunification of Israel and Judah.  Within moments, seven years of political rhetoric promising peace and security in exchange for a piece of the Promised Land was annulled.  Violence erupted on the Temple Mount in response to the prophetic proclamation of “the Lion,” who would soon become the Prime Minister of Israel.  The bloodshed that ensued annulled politicians’ attempts to invalidate the Creator’s everlasting covenant with Abraham.  The calendar timing of the annulment of the seven-year “covenant with death” (Tishri 1 to Tishri 1 vs. September 13th to September 13th) indicates that the Creator’s original calendar is still the time clock by which He fulfills His Word.  For me, the events of September 28, 2000 proved the validity and necessity of the mission I had been on for over a decade: the restoration of the Creator’s original calendar.

Six months later, the barley in Israel was declared aviv during the week preceding the new moon of March 25, 2001.  The hour that the new moon appeared over Jerusalem, we went to press with the calendar that headlined:  Aviv 1, 6001 – The Seventh Millennium from Creation – The Day of the LORD.  The new calendar was already being shipped when I heard the rest of the story…  Twice during the week leading up to the new moon of March 25th, a large contingency of both Ashkenazi and Sephardic rabbis converged at the Western Wall in Jerusalem to make the following solemn declaration to Jews scattered around the world: “The Time of Jacob’s Trouble has now begun!”  That declaration continues to be referenced and repeated to this very day.  It appears that the chronological information in the hidden “Book of Genealogies” may have resurfaced in time to herald the beginning of the seventh millennium and the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble.”  The Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar had calculated the parameters concerning the beginning of the “Day of the LORD” over a year in advance and had calculated the annulment of the “covenant with death” months in advance.

“The Creator runs the universe according to his calendar 
and according to His time clock – whether we recognize it or not!”

It is long past time to open our eyes to the times and seasons of the Almighty according to His ancient, and still current, celestial and terrestrial reckoning of time.  Some people will be compelled to dismiss the relevance of the Creator’s calendar, as well as the timing of the rabbis’ declaration of the “Time of Jacob’s Trouble,” and even the unexpected concurrence of both of these things with the Masonic year 6001.  Most people will continue to live as if man had evolved over billions of years and we are nothing more than insignificant stellar debris.  However, a few will recognize the Creator’s calendar as a living treasure – a golden key to understanding where we are in the Creator’s plan for the universe and a shining star that beckons us into a personal appointment and personal relationship with Him.

“Choose you this day whom you will serve…”

There remain three calendars by which you can choose to conduct your life; choose the one that best expresses your heart toward the Creator.  One calendar exalts pagan deities over Him – literally, “other gods in His face.”  Another calendar exalts man’s supremacy over the Creator’s appointed times and sanctimoniously declares unbridled authority to change His Torah.  The third and oldest reckoning of time is represented in the pages of the Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar.  My yearly “projected” calendar teaches how to understand the Creator’s reckoning of time, which is determined by the actual sighting of the new moon each month in the land of Israel.  I, with the assistance of biblical astronomer Robert Scott Wadsworth, project the times that the new moon is expected to be seen according to extremely precise computer calculations. But, as accurate as these calculations are, they cannot prognosticate weather and atmospheric conditions in the land of Israel.  When sighting criterion is questionable on any given month, I print both possible calendar pages.

At the beginning of each month, with the actual sighting of the new moon over Israel, we post the correct calendar page on our website. The Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar recognizes that we are commanded by our Creator to prepare and watch for His appointed times before making our own plans for the future.  His calendar teaches us that we should not say, “Tomorrow I will do such and such,” but rather, “If Yah wills, tomorrow I will do such and such” (James 4:13-16).

Bible Prophecy 401

With last year’s calendar we released the 4½-hour video teaching series, The Creator’s Calendar and the Restoration of All Things, in the new 11-part format with my additional commentary that television audiences have enjoyed around the globe.  This teaching is the culmination of the past decade of research in the land of Israel.  Now that we have successfully calibrated the Creator’s calendar to our current day and time, we are ready to go on to the next level: The Jonah Code and the Seventy Weeks Prophecy of Daniel.  This 10-hour DVD seminar articulates the very reason I have been compelled by the Holy Spirit to invest over 30 years of my life into chronologically ordering the Gospels and restoring the Creator’s Calendar.  Over the past 10 years I have instructed thousands of students concerning two of the prophetic layers of the seventy weeks (shavuim) of Daniel, as well as the prophetic fulfillment of the Spring and Fall Feasts of the LORD.  In The Jonah Code seminar, I unveil the third layer of the seventy shavuim of Daniel, a layer which is unfolding beneath our feet at this very moment.  Be sure to get both of these DVD teaching series – there will be a test before you pick up your cap and gown.

Keeping the faith and obedience of Messiah until the smoke clears…

Michael Rood
Jerusalem, Israel