Coupling restored, ancient Hebrew agricultural practices with modern, pinpoint accurate astronomical data from NASA, a new calendar is helping to solve Biblical mysteries.

The Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar, published by A Rood Awakening! International, is the first and only calendar in the world to combine modern, astronomical data with “corrected” biblical timekeeping, shunning traditional rabbinic interpretations of the Hebrew calendar in favor of the original, ancient Hebrew interpretation of time that hinged on the agricultural growing season in the Promised Land.

The result is a crystal clear picture of what, when, and why events in the Bible happened the way they did.

“The reason this calendar is so significant is because it helps people understand the Bible and the Messiah’s message,” says A Rood Awakening! International CEO Eric Fransen.

“When you understand the context of how important timekeeping practices were in the Bible — like the sighting of the first sliver of the new moon to start a new month, and when exactly the Hebrew feast days were — the things the Messiah said and, more importantly, when He said them make a lot more sense, especially when you’re trying to correlate His actions with fulfillment of prophecy. In a nutshell, it opens up a whole new world for anyone wanting to understand the Bible.”

Just one look verifies that this calendar is unlike any other.

Days start at sunset, as days were rendered in the Bible, and modern Gregorian calendar dates are matched with their ancient Hebrew counterparts. An at-a-glance calendar guide and an extensive explanation of how the calculations were rendered precede the month-to-month calendar pages.

“The Creator’s calendar was the reckoning of time in the Garden of Eden,” says calendar author Michael Rood, founder of A Rood Awakening! International. “It was the exact schedule by which the Jewish followers of Yeshua continued to keep the Feasts of the LORD after His resurrection. No one need be ignorant of His time and His seasons as long as we follow His method of marking the days, weeks, months, and years.”

The calendar also includes “this day in history” notes on the exact dates of significant events in the Messiah’s life, correlated to details and background information about each event found in Rood’s signature publication, The Chronological Gospels Bible.

The publication is a chronological re-arrangement of the events in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, plus Acts and Revelation that reads like a history book, including in-depth historical and contextual insight not found in any other Bible.

The Astronomically and Agriculturally Corrected Biblical Hebrew Calendar is $19.95, available here.

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