The Ambassador Club started in 2013 as a means to air Michael Rood’s message of YeHoVaH on television around the world.  In just a few short months, over 130 countries around the world were watching Michael Rood, thanks to our Ambassador Club members.

Here at A Rood Awakening! International, our mandate is to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the whole world as a testimony to all nations — and we do not take this command lightly.  Our Ambassador Club members understand the importance of reaching the unbelievers, the lost, and the confused.

So, for 2019, we are reinforcing the Ambassador Club’s original mission: To take the Gospel of the Kingdom to all the world. As an Ambassador, you provide others the opportunity to hear the same message that led you along your own journey of truth.

Our hope is to empower you as a member of the Ambassador Club to fulfill your mission in reaching the nations with YeHoVaH’s Word!

An Ambassador Club member is an evangelist with the heart of a true prophet, and the goal to direct others back to Torah. Michael Rood, the Rood Crew, and our Ambassadors work together to bring people back to Yeshua’s true message for our lives and YeHoVaH’s Kingdom.

We’re excited to see what YeHoVaH has in store for this ministry in 2019 and want nothing more than to have you partner with us as an Ambassador Club member at this exciting time!

As an Ambassador Club Member, your monthly donation of $100 or annual donation of $1,200 will help to fund A Rood Awakening! International’s mission to take the Gospel into every nation through means of television, internet, and radio.

Join us as we bring the Gospel of the Kingdom to all the world — become a member of the Ambassador Club!

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Your donation as an Ambassador will help to fund A Rood Awakening! International’s mission to take the Gospel into every nation through means of television, internet, and radio.

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$100 per month or $1,200 annually...

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Choose whether or not you want to commit to $100 or more per month or make an annual payment of $1,200 or more. Your commitment helps us forecast our broadcast goals up to a year in advance.

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Click on one of the “Become An Ambassador” buttons on this page to be taken to the registration page. When you complete the form, you will become an official member of the Ambassador Club.


boots on the groundWhat is an Ambassador? In order to grasp the full meaning, it is best to look at its Hebrew origin: T’sir in Hebrew is “Ambassador”. It means “one who runs an errand for the King”, or “one who carries a message.”

Here at A Rood Awakening! International, Michael and the Rood Crew have been carrying YeHoVaH’s message all over the world. Michael Rood has been anointed to awaken people that are far from the Truth and turn them back to doing exactly what Yeshua said to do: “Observe all that I have commanded you.” (Matthew 28:20)

As Ambassadors, you are marching alongside us. You are our boots on the ground that help us fight harder than ever to get the word out there! You enable us to reach behind enemy lines, restoring those who belong to YeHoVaH.

We have the Truth. We have to share it. And together we have the privilege of sharing the greatest message never told — the TRUE message of the Messiah!

Thank you for being an Ambassador; we could not fulfill this mission without your faithful, generous support. Together we are on the verge of the greatest spiritual harvest in history!

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I have followed Michael’s teachings daily for 6 months. Following my Conversion 2 years ago, My Prayer has been to Learn and Grow in the Word of Truth without Deceit, as there Certainly is an Abundance of it. His 40 year Devotion to the Chronological Gospels has revealed the True Messiah and his Purpose for our Lives. Praise YeHoVah Our Elohim for this Man’s Excellent Life’s Work and Continuing Ministry.
Jeff C., Ambassador


Michael Rood - Ambassador Club

When you join the Ambassador Club, you will literally “Bring It To The World!” To commemorate your commitment, we will send you a beautiful lapel pin shaped as airplane wings. This beautiful pin represents the idea that our Ambassador are helping us reach countless people across the globe. We pray it serves as a reminder of your commitment not only to the Kingdom work of YeHoVaH but to those individuals you bless on a daily basis.

As an Ambassador Club member, you will enjoy early access to various activities throughout the year, specially selected gifts of appreciation mailed throughout the year, discounts in our bookstore, and so much more!

Plus, you will also have access to private Ambassador Club member events with Michael Rood!


Become an Ambassador today to receive your Ambassador pin in the mail.

Become An Ambassador!

For further information regarding the Ambassador Club, please call our Partner Relations Department at:

(888) 766-3610

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