Too often we find ourselves looking at things from the outside while wondering, “Am I really making a difference?”

When we cannot see the ups and downs of the day-to-day operations, the small parts that make the engine run smoothly can appear to be insignificant. Then, without fail, the Father brings someone or something across our path to remind us that we are making a difference.

Just the other day I picked up the phone like I do on every other day expecting to commence in the usual banter about how funny Michael is, when the new calendar will be available, or when Passover will be this year.

However, the opposite was true.

On the other end of the phone was the faint, weepy voice of a woman who was obviously just trying to keep it together. Once she pulled herself together she became exceedingly joyful and began to tell me that she saw Michael on TBN and how grateful she was for Michael Rood and A Rood Awakening.

She went on to tell me how she had been praying to the Father for truth and emphasized how everywhere she looked she was coming up empty. Her prayers had gone from prayers of hope, to prayers of frustration, to prayers of desperation, and in the end prayers of anger that YeHoVaH had not shown her the truth.

She new that what she had been told her entire life was empty and unintentionally misleading, however, she knew that the answers to her questions had to be out there somewhere.

“For goodness sake, I mean the Bible says that the truth will set us free [John 8:32] but I felt like I was stuck in a prison of lies and empty traditions”, she said enthusiastically.

After a lengthy conversation that was filled with laughter, crying, and prayer, she asked me what Bible she should get so that she could finally begin to learn the truth. Naturally, I suggested The Chronological Gospels.

The gratefulness that this woman expressed reminded me of what the Israelites must have felt after they were delivered from Pharaohs hand at the Red Sea crossing, however, I was also reminded that it was not long before the grumbling and complaining commenced.

Every one of us is on a journey towards truth and we are in the process of being changed from glory to glory. We must not trade in the joy of our salvation and zeal for our discovery of truth for a critical spirit that grumbles and complains about how hard life is or the fact that we are being persecuted [John 15:20].

We have been set free and we need to begin to act like it by expressing our gratitude towards the truths the Father has revealed to us just like the enthusiastic phone caller did.

I pray you have a similar encounter this week and always remember “YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Matthew Hall

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