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The How-To Manual For Physical Healing (Part 2 of 9)

The great part about physical healing — that is, reversing symptoms — with a plant-based diet is that it’s not a one-in-a-million chance; it works every day for almost anyone.
Healing — SELF-healing — is, in fact, very common. I’ve seen testimonies from people who have reversed symptoms of everything from seasonal allergies to heart disease, diabetes, and even […]

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The Truth No One Is Telling About Health (Part 1 of 9)

The truth that no one is telling these days is that eating the right foods can not only prevent the symptoms of disease, but reverse them.
And another truth… it’s not the food that does it — the power comes from within your own body.

A plant-based diet provides those conditions, not only in times of healing, but […]

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Rood Review Newsletter: August 2016

In this month’s newsletter…
Newsletter exclusive… EXCITING DETAILS about our next feast event: YOM TERUAH including Michael Rood, Bill Cloud, and a former Islamic terrorist!

Learn how to reverse the symptoms of disease – Scott Laird, ND tells you how in his “Health Hacks” column!

NEW – The Israel Tour 2017 is now booking! – Find out about this year’s tour and […]

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July 2016 Rood Review Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter…
You could WIN a trip to Israel just by sharing your story of how A Rood Awakening gave you a… well… rude awakening!

NEW Prayer Calendar – Pray for the same needs in unison with Rood fans all over the world, every week in July!

NEW Love Gift Subscription – Get every love gift, every month, […]

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June 2016 Rood Review Newsletter

In this month’s newsletter…
Could shortwave radio really be the future of Michael Rood’s ministry around the world — and why?

Shavuot is just around the corner; discover what we can learn from this feast with Anny Reed!

And have you shared your story with us yet? Your testimony could be in our “Letters from Home” segment.


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Rood Review Newsletter: April 2016

Have You Started Your COLLECTION?

Get the scoop on Michael’s 20-episode box set, PLUS…

April Love Gift includes The Jonah Code DVD set!
The “box” for The Ministry of Messiah 20-disc box set is now available!
Discover how terrorists’ plans were literally washed away by YeHoVaH
Read a fascinating testimony from a Lebanese Muslim
Learn […]

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Rood Review Newsletter: February 2016


Check out the BRAND NEW Wednesday Night Bible Study, PLUS…

Setting the record straight with a new 20-teaching series
Passover 2016 – how to get your tickets!
Get a new teaching and a sterling silver necklace when you give in February
The 2016-17 Biblical Hebrew Calendar is ready for pre-orders now!
Join our […]

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Rood Review Newsletter: January 2016

More Teachings… More Often!

There is a TON of great new teaching material coming very soon from Michael Rood! PLUS…

Details on the all-new Ambassador Club
New Aviv Fellowships popping up all over the world
A new Love Gift featuring the first in a 20-teaching collector’s set
A money-saving bundle featuring The Chronological Gospels […]

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Staying Healthy Through The Pagan Holidays

While I don’t assume you’ll be taking part in Saturnalia on December 25th, let’s be honest… you may be asked to visit with family you haven’t seen in a while at this time of year.

And you’ll likely be eating a meal or two together… food that is contrary to your regular diet (albeit clean food, that is), which […]

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