A Rood Awakening! Tours   With Michael Rood
ISRAEL – MAY 4-16, 2014

Introductory Letter | Flight Information | Itinerary

Introductory Letter

Shalom Israel Tour fans,

Israel Fans – It’s time to prepare for our exciting tour to explore the Land of Israel! Would you like to join us on this Israel Extravaganza? Mark your calendars for May 4-16, 2014 and begin your daily workout to get ready for the most exciting adventure of your life!

When you think that “it just can’t get any better than this,” the itinerary gets packed with more action and adventure than you ever thought possible. There will be many “A Rood Awakenings!” as we walk the land promised to the sons of Abraham – the land where Yahshua fulfilled his seventy-week ministry.

Michael has asked me to organize this tour once again, and I am excited about being part of the team which facilitates your discovery of The Land. We grow to love the land more every year as we are part of the ”awakenings” that transform the lives of those who join us in this amazing adventure of discovery.

Your senses will be overwhelmed with the impressions that will take months and perhaps even years to sort through. We go places and do things that a “normal” tour of Israel would not attempt, and because of that, we walk a lot – especially in Jerusalem. It is required that you be in good physical condition and be able to walk at least three miles on flat ground without being exhausted. Once you hit Jerusalem you will never see a flat piece of ground, and you will walk miles before lunch. This is not a tour for whiners or the infirm. Get in shape, stay in shape, and we will report to Michael’s “Jerusalem boot camp” ready to do what tour professionals affectionately call “the impossible.” We hit the ground running.

The food is a culinary smorgasbord of excellent Mediterranean cuisine which is generally served buffet style. There is plenty of food for vegetarians, but the Mid East is not known for catering to finicky appetites. The food is always well-prepared, and there is something for everyone’s taste.

The month of May usually has very comfortable weather. We are not here to make a fashion statement. Your clothing must be modest and functional. Remember, if your suitcase gets lost, you will be wearing the same clothes for a week – and at the end of that time you will realize that nobody really cares what you are wearing anyway. Your heart will be much more evident than your sartorial splendor.

There is limited space on the tour to provide for a more personal, intimate experience with the land and with your tour hosts Michael Rood. We are planning for about 45 adventurers on this next tour – so save your seats for this year’s extravaganza. Besides the learning adventure and the exciting discoveries that you will make, lifelong friendships and even marriages develop from within the tour group. Prepare your heart to be a blessing to others and a positive influence on everyone in the tour.


1. To enter Israel, the expiration date on your passport must be no earlier than November 5, 2014. (SIX MONTHS after our entry date into the country). Israel does not require visas for American citizens.

2. To reserve your place on the tour, please deposit the sum of $500 into the Rood Tours bank account. Please contact me for specific information as well as the other due dates for the payment.

3. PRICES: The price is per person, based on Double Occupancy (meaning you will share the hotel room with one other person).

4. The price includes Round trip Airfare from Newark (EWR), NJ to TLV, Israel.

5. The price includes your whole Israeli experience (according to itinerary), including tips. It does not include any personal costs like telephone, gifts, laundry, etc.

6. The price is $4900. If you deposit your $500 non-refundable down payment before Dec 10, 2013, you receive a discount of $225. If you deposit it between December 23 and January 31, 2014, you will receive a discount of $125.

7. If you would like a Single Occupancy room, add $730 to the above price.

8. If you would like to arrange and purchase your own airfare to Israel, deduct $1200 from the stated price. In this case it is your responsibility to meet the group at the airport or to transfer to point of meeting with group.

9. We offer a great Insurance Package by a recommendable agency with a “cancel-for-any-reason” policy. This group rate is a huge savings especially for those over 60 years of age. This Insurance however must be paid within 2 weeks of the initial down payment. For more information on this, contact info@travelinsuranceisrael.com DANI

10. If you find the tour to be a great blessing for you, there will be an opportunity to share a VOLUNTARY contribution and/or your tithes to Michael Rood and his ministry.

Being in good physical condition is required for this tour. You need to be able to walk and/or be on your feet for several hours at a time, especially in Jerusalem. Sitting down on rough places is available some of the time. There is too much to see, do, and explore to sit on soft-cushioned bus seats during the day! If you want to see Israel from an air-conditioned bus – reserve with someone else. If you are afraid of getting dirty, need a cane to walk, or don’t have the physical freedom to get around on your own, this is not the tour for you!

If you are adventurous and want to learn more about the Scriptures, history, and the plan Yahweh has for His children, you will get far more than you expect!!

Please don’t hesitate to reply with any questions you might have. I will do my best to get answers.

Blessings to you all as you anticipate this adventure. This is not just a tour; it’s an extravaganza!

Florence Kornelsen

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Flight Information

If at all possible, allow two hours before Flight Departure Time in New York, as well as on your return for your layover and connection to your domestic flight.

DEPARTURE: MAY 4, 2014–UNITED FLIGHT #84, 16:05 (4:05 PM) (approximately 10 hours in the air)
MAY 16, 2014–UNITED FLIGHT #91, 4:30 AM (approximately 12 hours in the air)

Since flights get delayed sometimes, it’s good to leave 2 hours for layover. If you arrive from your home town with United, you may be able to check your bag in all the way to Tel Aviv and this will make it easier and less time-consuming in Newark. However, if you are arriving on a different airline, you will probably have to re-check your bag – make sure you verify this as otherwise your bag might not arrive in Israel when you do.

REMEMBER, you need to have a passport that expires no earlier then October 31. If it does, you should renew it now already. No visas are required for American citizens visiting Israel.

For those flying in from different countries and/or different airlines, you can meet us at the airport in Tel Aviv, Israel (note our above estimated arrival time) OR you can meet us at the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. If you decide to meet us in Jerusalem and not at the airport, beware that you will miss out on the early interesting introduction of the tour!

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Narrative Itinerary

Day 1, Sunday, May 4, 2014
We depart from Newark for our exciting adventure to Israel. Meet us at the UNITED Gate by 2 PM for your security check-in.

Day 2, Monday, May 5
We arrive in Israel mid-morning. After going through security and getting our luggage loaded on the bus, we journey up to Jerusalem. Meanwhile, our guide gives us an introduction to this wonderful land. We arrive on the Mount of Olives to meet Michael Rood, marvel at the perspective of the Old City and enjoy a delicious lunch. Michael gives us a fun, enthusiastic introduction and marching exercise for our tour! Our guide adds valuable information about the city of Jerusalem and we get a great idea of the city’s layout. We walk down the steep Mt of Olives to Gethsemane. Dinner, orientation and overnight at the Leonardo Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 3, May 6
After a delicious breakfast in our hotel, we go to the Old City and start our explorations. At the Zion Gate overlooking the Western Wall, Michael gives us important overview information. We spend the morning exploring the City of David. We see a 3-D movie that helps us understand the Jerusalem history and then go down Warren’s Shaft. The ones who want to have the most fun can wade through the waist-deep Hezekiah’s tunnel, while the rest await them on dry ground at Siloam’s Pool where Michael is waiting to give a fascinating teaching. After a delicious israeli lunch, we visit the Temple Institute, where we will be shown the many preparations that are being made for the future Temple. Next, the Ophel Gardens await us with a lot of fascinating information. We then move on to the Southern Temple Steps at the “place of trumpeting”. Dinner and Overnight at the Leonardo Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 4, May 7
This morning we go to the Temple Mount, passing by the Moslem mosques to the site believed to be where the “Holiest of Holies” was located. After leaving the Mount, we visit to the Western Wall Tunnel, a highlight to many, as we walk along the underground “Western Wall”.
We proceed to the excavations of the Bethesada Pool and have an unforgettable, tearful visit to Pilate’s Dungeon. After a falafel lunch, we walk to Solomon’s Quarries from where inmense blocks of stone were excavated to build the Temple. We then visit the Garden Tomb. This has been declared a favorite place by many Israel visitors, and Michael will add stories that only Michael can tell! From here it’s a short walk back to our hotel. Dinner and Overnight at the Leonardo Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 5, May 8
This morning we drive to the regions of Samaria. Shiloh is the site of the Tabernacle when the Israeli people first came to the Land and you might be surprised to still find evidence of their time in this site. After a Samaritan lunch, we head on to Mount Gerizim – the site where the Blessings and Curses were spoken when Israel first came to the land. What a view! We then drive back to Jerusalem again and visit the Tamuz cave, where Michael will explain some of the pagan traditional rites that have taken place here. If by the end of the day you still have some energy, you will be free to do some shopping. It is a short, fun walk back to the hotel from the Old City. Dinner and Overnight at the Leonardo Hotel in Jerusalem.

Day 6, May 9, Friday
After loading our bags on the bus, we drive to the Israel Museum, where we see a replica of Jerusalem of 2000 years ago. Our next site is Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum – a very sad and touching experience but with a hopeful ending! We then leave Jerusalem and head east to the Dead Sea Valley, all the way to Masada, where we ascend by cable car to the famous fortress hilltop where the Jewish zealots confronted the Roman army. We finish our day with excavations at the dusty grounds of Gomorrah to collect some brimstone, witnessing history come alive in front of our eyes! A delicious Shabbat dinner awaits us at the Ein Gedi kibbutz, where we will also be staying for two nights.

Day 7, May 10, Shabbat
We enjoy the Kibbutz gardens – an oasis in the desert. The kibbutz offers a short, free shuttle to the Dead Sea – a must experience for all visitors in Israel. In the afternoon, we settle on the grounds for a teaching and time of sharing. Dinner and Overnight at the Ein Gedi Kibbutz.

Day 8, May 11
This morning after loading our bags on the coach, we take a cliff-walk to the oasis and to “David’s Waterfall”. Most likely we will be able to see ibex grazing. Though not very difficult, it is optional to stay at the kibbutz for those who can’t bear to leave the botanical grounds just yet. Our next site to visit is Qumran, where scrolls of the Scriptures have been found. For lunch we go to Genesis Land, a fun (and delicious) time to remember the days of Abraham, as well as enjoy a camel ride!!! You might have to pinch yourself to remember that you haven’t been transported 2,000 back in history! In the afternoon on our way to Tiberius, we stop at Bet Sean, one important city of the Decapolis, now partly excavated. Dinner and Overnight at the Ron Beach hotel in Tiberius where all of our rooms overlook the beautiful Sea of Galilee.

Day 9, May 12
We take a fun ride on the Sea of Galilee in a wooden boat. This is also a great time for praise and worship with some awesome music. We then proceed to Bet Saida for a time of mikveh (baptism) in the Jordan River. We then hike up to Mt Arbel where an amazing perspective of the whole “Sea of Galilee” area awaits us – and makes every step of the climb worth the effort! Dinner and Overnight at the Ron Beach hotel in Tiberius.

Day 10, May 13
Every day is so filled with excitement that when you think you could not possibly be any more thrilled about what you’re doing, you keep on discovering and learning more. This day we drive to the northern Galillee up through the Golan Heights. We visit a historical film in Katzrim, and then head on to Dan National Park, where we take a little walk in the woods and find some “old-time” places of pagan worship! After a delicious fish lunch, we return south towards the Galilee. On the way we stop at Kefar Nahum (Capernaum), where we see an example of the “seat of Moses” that Michael has referred to in many of his teachings. Back in Tiberius, we see a movie about Israel’s history, and possibly have some time for shopping or just walking the boulevard by the Sea. Dinner and Overnight at the Ron Beach hotel in Tiberius.

Day 11, May 14
This morning after we load our bags on the coach, we drive to Nazareth where we visit a village as it used to operate – complete with donkeys, oil press, traditional dress, synagogue and much more! After a lunch, we make a quick stop at Megiddo. We then go on to Caesarea Maritima, an ancient city with amazing discoveries! In the evening we gather to reflect on the events of the tour. Dinner and Overnight at the beautiful Mediterranean seashore Renaissance hotel in the modern city of Tel Aviv.

Day 12, May 15
Our final day for this Israel extravaganza: we have a little free time for those who would like to do some quick, last minute shopping or go for a dip in the Sea. After a most delicious brunch, we load our bags on the bus and head out to visit the Independence Hall, where we relive the story of the birth of this nation. (no lunch served this day). Later we walk the streets of the Old City of Jaffa, the port where Jonas left from in a hurry, when he was evading the Creator’s calling. For the rest of the afternoon, we learn more about the history and makings of this amazing country, the final touch of clinching Israel’s amazing history in our minds. You will be amazed to see the young people’s vision for an independent country at the Ayalon Institute. After a farewell dinner, we head on back to the airport in time for our flight home.

Day 13, May 16
We arrive at the EWR airport around 4:30 AM. (It is advisable to leave two hours for transfer to your domestic flight.) Our hearts and minds are full of all the memories and lessons we have accumulated during this brief stay in Israel. Don’t be surprised if nobody believes you when you tell them all that you did in these few days! We hope to see you back in Israel before long!
*Itinerary subject to modification and re-arrangement according to Israeli & ARA conditions

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