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Yeshua (Jesus) lived and taught in first-century Israel, a very different culture than we know today. To truly comprehend his message, we need to understand the cultural and historical perspective of his time. The best way to do this is to read his actions as they took place, chronologically.

As such, The Chronological Gospels is the missing piece of the puzzle that unlocks the secrets to understanding the Messiah’s ministry – groundbreaking, conclusive proof that silences debate about apparent contradiction in the Bible, once and for all!


The Simplicity of Synchronicity

When reconstructed in chronological order, the Gospel records synchronize perfectly, instantly debunking biblical contradictions. No longer do you have to piece together the Messiah’s life and ministry from four separate accounts from different authors with different perspectives… it’s all done for you!

With all sides of the story combined and organized, The Chronological Gospels plays out like a motion picture of the Messiah’s ministry, unfolding before your eyes like you’ve never experienced before! If you have longed to truly know your Messiah, this is what you’ve been waiting for!


The Answers You’ve Been Searching For

Scholars, teachers, new believers… regardless of your walk, if you are searching for answers and peace of mind on the argued contradictions of the Gospels, this Bible provides confirmation of what you already believe is true.

The Chronological Gospels answers questions you’ve wrestled with for years, unraveling misunderstood cultural context and closing historical loopholes, making the Messiah’s message clearer and more powerful than you could imagine!


Deeper, Richer Truth

If you want to dig deeper than ever before in the Truth found in the ministry of the Messiah, getThe Chronological Gospels – it’s the greatest book ever written… about the greatest Book ever written!


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