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The Gospels are the fulcrum of biblical understanding, connecting prophecy fulfilled with prophecy yet to come; if you can understand the Gospels, you can understand the entire Bible – and the key to understanding the Gospels is chronology and context.


Time and Context

Without a proper reckoning of time and the context of that time in history, it is impossible to appreciate the depth and significance of Yeshua’s (Jesus’) message. This is why The Chronological Gospels is so crucial to understanding the Bible; it is the treasure map that brings chronology and context together.

In addition to reorganizing the Gospels, The Acts, and The Revelation in chronological order, The Chronological Gospels explains the religious debates and issues at the forefront during the Messiah’s ministry in easy-to-understand context. It also includes invaluable tools that help decode the complexity of biblical times and the mystery of the Messiah’s second coming — tools never seen in any other Bible:


  • Thesis of the 70-Week Ministry – More than 30 pages in length, the “Introduction” section ofThe Chronological Gospels provides detailed insight and explanation that make it a must-read! As the thesis of the 70-week ministry of the Messiah, this instrumental preamble explains exactly how the 70-week timeline was developed, how fatal errors in mistranslation led to hundreds of years of misunderstanding, and how The Chronological Gospels corrects the problem.
  • Contextual Explanations – Throughout the text, cultural practices and colloquialisms are explained in plain terms, Hebrew and Greek mistranslations are brought to light, and citations from extra-biblical sources help to fill in blanks you never knew existed. But the most valuable notations of all are those that reckon the exact days on which certain events took place, both in terms of the ancient biblical Hebrew calendar and its modern Gregorian equivalent — it’s a biblical scholar’s goldmine!
  • Historical Timeline Charts – The crown jewel of The Chronological Gospels is a collection of illustrated timelines. In easy-to-follow detail, these illustrations clearly demonstrate the truth of a 70-week timeline for the Messiah’s ministry, while equally disproving the heretical view of a three-and-a-half year version, without question.
  • Color-Coded Cross Reference Index – Serving as a quick-reference summary for the entire book, the cross-reference index provides a quick synopsis of each of more than 300 events in chronological order, including their page number, the day and/or week of the event, and a color-coded guide as to which Gospel(s) record the occurrence.
  • Biblical Hebrew Calendar – Israel’s first calendar, based on God’s reckoning of time (given to man in the Garden of Eden), was used from the time of Israel’s founding at Mt. Sinai through to the time of Yeshua (Jesus). However, it was lost to antiquity when exiled Pharisees created a calendar of their own 359 C.E. which used Babylonian mathematical equations and included exceptions to the rules to suit Pharisaical convenience. The biblical Hebrew calendar printed inThe Chronological Gospels re-establishes the original intent of Israel’s first calendar, which hinges on the Feasts of the LORD, the hallmarks of prophetic significance past, present, and future.


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